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Zhenrong AliExpress wish inlaid eight hearts and eight arrows princess square diamond ring European and American full diamond micro-inlaid engagement ring

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$117.80 / piece
Color Classification
  • White Gold No. 5 Beauty, Circumference 49.6mm
  • White gold No. 6 beauty number 51.8mm circumference
  • White gold No. 7 beauty number 54.4mm circumference
  • White gold No. 8 beauty number 56.5mm circumference
  • White gold No. 9 beauty number 59.5mm circumference
  • White gold No. 10 beauty number 62.1mm circumference
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Item specifics

Alloy / Silver / Gold
Color Classification:
White gold number 5 beauty number perimeter 49.6mm white gold number 6 beauty number perimeter 51.8mm white gold number 7 beauty number perimeter 54.4mm white gold number 8 beauty number perimeter 56.5mm white gold number 9 beauty number perimeter 59.5mm White gold No. 10 beauty number 62.1mm circumference
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US size comparison table 5 (diameter: 15.7mm, circumference: 49.6mm) 6 (diameter: 16.5mm, circumference: 51.8mm) 7 (diameter: 17.3mm, circumference: 54.4mm) 8 (diameter: 18.1mm, circumference: 56.5mm) 9 (diameter: 18.9mm, circumference: 59.5mm) 10 (diameter: 19.8mm, circumference: 62.1mm ) 11 (diameter: 20mm, circumference: 64.6mm) 12 (diameter: 21.4mm, circumference: 67.2mm) 13 (diameter: 22.2mm, circumference: 69.7mm) No. 14 (diameter: 23.2mm, circumference: 73mm)

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