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rgp double-head invisible myopia glasses box with multiple sets of cosmetic contact boxes portable rigid orthokeratology glasses companion box

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$1.69 / piece
Color Classification
  • RGP-Single Pack-Gray [Without Outer Box]
  • One set-round head RGP-white
  • One set-round head RGP-gray
  • One set-round head RGP-pink
  • One set-round head RGP-lake blue
  • One set-round head RGP-fruit green
  • Two sets-round head RGP-white
  • Two sets-round head RGP-gray
  • Two sets-round head RGP-pink
  • Two sets-round head RGP-lake blue
  • Three sets-square box-round head RGP-white
  • Three sets-square box-round head RGP-gray
  • Three sets-square box-round head RGP-pink
  • Three sets-square box-round head RGP-green
  • Four sets-square box-round head RGP-white
  • Four sets-square box-round head RGP-gray
  • Four sets-square box-round head RGP-pink
  • Four sets-square box-round head RGP-lake blue
  • Four sets-long box-funnel type RGP-white
  • Four sets-long box-funnel RGP-pink
  • Four sets-long box-funnel type RGP-yellow
  • Four sets-long box-funnel type RGP-blue
  • Four sets-long box-funnel type RGP-green
  • Four sets-long box-round head RGP-color mixed hair
  • Color
  • Pink
  • Lake Blue
  • Emerald
  • White
  • white
  • red
  • green
  • gray
  • blue
  • yellow
  • creamy-white
  • pale pinkish gray
  • light green
  • light grey
  • sky blue
  • milky
  • watermelon red
  • Silver
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Item specifics

Color Classification:
Lake blue emerald green beige white lotus color milky white watermelon red silver RGP-single pack-gray white [without outer box] one pack-round head RGP-white one pack-round head RGP-gray white one pack-round head RGP- Pink one set-round head RGP-lake blue one set-round head RGP-fruit green two sets-round head RGP-white two sets-round head RGP-gray and white two sets-round head RGP-pink two sets Pack-Round Head RGP-Lake Blue Three Pack-Square Box-Round Head RGP-White Three Pack-Square Box-Round Head RGP-Gray Three Pack-Square Box-Round Head RGP-Pink Three Pack-Square Box -Round head RGP-green four-pack-square box-round head RGP-white four-pack-square box-round head RGP-gray four-pack-square box-round head RGP-pink four-pack-square box-round Head RGP-Lake Blue Four-Pack-Long Box-Funnel RGP-White Four-Pack-Long Box-Funnel RGP-Pink Four-Pack-Long Box-Funnel RGP-Yellow Four-Pack-Long Box-Funnel RGP-blue four-pack-long box-funnel RGP-green four-pack-long box-round head RGP-color mixed hair white white yellow red light gray gray green blue light green flower color pink sky blue

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RGP multi-pack contact lens case


One set: RGP*1 Tweezers*1 Point stick*1

Two sets: RGP*2 Tweezers*1 Point stick*1

Three sets: RGP*3 Tweezers*1 Point stick*1 Nursing bottle*1

Four sets: RGP*4 Tweezers*1 Point stick*1


Warm reminder: The mirror holder is made of soft silicone, which can not be washed with boiling water.

Will cause deformation! Please pay attention to the instructions for use by little fairies!


























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