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Luminous advertising flashing fan custom made handheld led flashing small electric fan printed logo can be changed to confess gifts

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$1.37 / piece
Color Classification
  • Can change the word blue light battery
  • Red light battery type can be changed
  • Green battery type can be changed
  • 50 minimum order logos
  • High-end battery gift box green light
  • High-end battery gift box red light
  • High-end battery gift box blue light
  • Rechargeable with blue light
  • Rechargeable with red light
  • Can be changed to green light charging
  • Rechargeable high-end gift box
  • No flashing words
  • Customized
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Item specifics

Color Classification:
The word can be changed. Blue light battery. The word can be changed. Red light battery. The word can be changed. Green light battery. The minimum order is 50 logos. High-end battery type gift box. Green light battery. High-end gift box. Red light battery. High-end gift box. Blue light. The word red light rechargeable model can be changed to the green light rechargeable model, the high-end gift box does not flash the word custom model
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Please note the content of the changed characters when you place an order (maximum 10 Chinese characters in a single line, and can be displayed in multiple lines in a carousel) Dear friends who have not remarked and did not leave a message, send the default changed characters, the colors are random

Customized display content according to requirements:

 1: A new generation of LED patch lights, showing the squareness of the words, every customer who consults will burn out your satisfactory flash word content for confirmation.

 2: The display language can be customized according to requirements. We promise that it will only take five minutes to make the display renderings. If it is difficult, we will design it for you as soon as possible.The minimum order quantity of customized content is not limited.

 3: Product delivery time: guarantee the quality and quantity, and deliver the goods within the specified time.

 4: Packaging: A single product is packaged in a white box, 50 pieces per inner box, 200 pieces per box.

 5: The company logo and LOGO can be printed on the shell,Logo can be printed from at least 50, Please contact me for specific charges.



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