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Little Red Book Spar Cat's Eye Nail Polish Glue Nail Polish Sealing Glue Nail Art Aurora Quick-drying Baking-Free Color System Lasting Nutrition

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$10.20 / piece
Color Classification
  • T01-Liu Li Sauce Red
  • T02-Amazing Time
  • T03-Begonia powder
  • T04-Gray Love
  • T05-Aurora Phantom
  • T06-night knight
  • T07-Dream Fairy
  • T08-Royal Princess
  • T09-Eye of Twilight
  • T10-Green Ghost
  • T11-Chicken Blood Stone
  • T12-spar cat's eye
  • T01-Liu Li Sauce Red + Magnet
  • T02-Amazing Time + Magnet
  • T03-Begonia powder + magnet
  • T04-Gray Love + Magnet
  • T05-Aurora Phantom + Magnet
  • T06-Night Knight + Magnet
  • T07-Fantasy Elf + Magnet
  • T08-Royal Princess + Magnet
  • T09-Eye of Twilight + Magnet
  • T10-Green Ghost + Magnet
  • T11-Red Stone + Magnet
  • T12-spar cat eye + magnet
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Item specifics

Product name:
Net Red Douyin Little Red Book Hot Sale Variety Smoothie Wide Spar Cat's Eye Nail Polish Nail Polish Sealing Glue
net weight:
Nail product classification:
Special glue for nail art
Color Classification:
T01-Glass Sauce Red T02-Amazing Time T03-Begonia Powder T04-Gray Love T05-Aurora Phantom T06-Night Knight T07-Dream Elf T08-Royal Princess T09-Eye of Twilight T10-Green Phantom T11-Red Stone T12 -Spar Cat's Eye T01-Glass Sauce Red+Magnet T02-Stunning Time+Magnet T03-Begonia Powder+Magnet T04-Gray Love+Magnet T05-Aurora Phantom+Magnet T06-Night Rider+Magnet T07-Dream Elf+Magnet T08- Royal Princess+Magnet T09-Eye of Twilight+Magnet T10-Green Ghost+Magnet T11-Red Stone+Magnet T12-Spar Cat’s Eye+Magnet
Approval Number:
Anhui G makeup network preparation word 2019002619
Shelf life:
3 years
Suitable for skin type:
Neutral skin
Time to market:
Cosmetic properties:
Color, durability, gloss, easy to dry
Specification type:
Normal specifications
Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic:
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Extra nickname~~~~

Pay attention to the beautiful fairies~~~

Recently, a lot of little fairies have responded that the cat's eye spar is ordinary nail polish

What little T sister wants to say is that the spar cat's eye is transparent~ you need to use the correct posture~

The first step: first apply the color primer and evenly spread and dry;

Step 2: Apply spar cat's eye glue evenly and bake it;

The third step: evenly apply spar cat's eye glue and use a strong magnet to push out the cat's eye effect and bake it;

Step 4: Final seal

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