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Internet celebrity models. Macaron color. Silicone spatula with wooden handle, soup spoon, noodle fish, oil brush. For non-stick pan.

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$3.68 / piece
Color Classification
  • Green-shovel + spoon + noodle fishing 3 pieces
  • Pink-shovel + spoon + noodle fishing 3 pieces
  • Green-shovel + spoon 2 pieces
  • Pink—Shovel+Spoon 2 pieces
  • Green-shovel
  • Pink-shovel
  • Green-spoon
  • Pink-spoon
  • Green-noodle fishing
  • Pink—Mian Lao
  • Green-oil brush
  • Pink-oil brush
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Item specifics

Wood silicone
Number of pieces:
Color Classification:
Green-shovel + scoop + noodle fishing 3 pieces pink-shovel + scoop + noodle fishing 3 pieces green-shovel + scoop 2 pieces pink-shovel + scoop 2 pieces green-shovel pink-shovel green-scoop pink-spoon green-surface fishing Pink—mian fishing green—oil brush pink—oil brush

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[Material]: Beech wood handle + food grade nylon liner + food grade silicone outsourcing


[Recommendation]: Woodware has temperature, silica gel has a degree, comfortable, beautiful, and does not hurt the pot

[Remarks]: 1. The handle is an original wooden handle, with wood scars, knots, and mineral threads completely reserved

Every wood grain is differentPart may still be a little flawed

2. Silicone products will have a slight mold smell and can be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry

3. There will be some small flaws, the samples have been sampled and illustrated below

Random delivery, no selection, can accept and shoot again, thank you


Net celebrity silicone kitchenware, I only took the highest utilization rate from the manufacturer

If you want to buy a complete set, there are many stores on TB that sell it again, so you can go search and see

I have sampled the products and they are basically ok, but there are still some minor defects

I made a graphic description in the warm reminder, can accept it again~~~

The wooden handle is processed from the whole wood, it will have some characteristics of the wood itself

The hanging hole at the end of the wooden handle is drilled by a machine, and some of it may be rough

After receiving it, you can sand it with sandpaper and it can be removed


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