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Cross-border Amazon Kemei USB charging electric shaver razor mixed batch wholesale one dropshipping

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$15.98 / piece
  • USB
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Item specifics

KEMEI / Kemei
Blade: Stainless Steel Body: Stainless Steel Metal Shell
Power supply:
Cleaning method:
No water washing
Shaver charging time:
2 hours
Shaver head:
Reciprocating 1 cutter head
Maximum power:
Main downstream platforms:
ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, LAZADA
Main sales area:
Europe, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Whether cross-border export exclusive supply source:
Whether patent source:
Item No_:

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Notice for sending back: A full set of color box accessories is required for return and exchange! Loss of accessories and color box damage will be deducted from the cost, dear!


Please read the following text carefully before purchasing the goods in this store:

All the products in this store are cross-border products and do not support Taobao sales, and all products in this store have no quality problems and do not accept unreasonable returns, but they can be exchanged within 15 days.



About the plug

All products in the store default to European plugs. If you need other plugs, please contact customer service.


After-sales service

    Warranty: Half-year warranty (expendable items such as cutter heads, removable batteries, etc. are not covered by the warranty). The freight will be borne half of each within 1 month. The buyer shall bear the freight during the warranty period after 1 month, and the warranty is free.

    Return: Customers who are unsatisfied with the goods or have any comments can contact our customer service staff in time, and cancel the after-sales service for the negative reviewers at will!

Note: 1. If you need to remove the cutter head for cleaning, please consult the customer service if it will not be disassembled. If the cutter head is broken, it will not be returned.

2. If you need to return or exchange the goods, please communicate with the customer service in advance. If you do not communicate on your own, the return application will not be processed.

Return and exchange service

Enjoy the return and exchange service within 7 days from the express receipt.

     Quality problem within 7 days: The return and exchange will be made in full accordance with customer requirements, and the round-trip freight will be borne by our store.

     Note: Issues such as product card issue are not quality issues. The quality issues are that the machine does not run, cannot be charged, etc.

     Non-quality problem within 7 days: Accept the replacement request, please ask for the return address from the after-sales customer service. The round-trip freight must be borne by the customer. When returning, ensure that the product itself, accessories, packaging and gifts are in good condition and have not been used and did not affect the store's secondary sales(The machine will not be returned or exchanged if it has not been cleaned up, has few parts, and the color box is damaged.).

The buyer shall be responsible for the damaged goods during the return process. If the goods are damaged when the company’s warehouse signs for the return, the warehouse will have the right to reject the sign directly!

     note: Our company does not receive payment. For all returned goods and other goods mailed to us, please attach a note stating the reason, Want number, order number, and recipient information (address, telephone) to facilitate our tracking service.


Precautions for goods receipt

1. In order to protect your interests, please check the transportation situation in person with the courier when signing for the receipt. If the product is damaged in transportation, please reject it directly. We will be responsible for full compensation or reissuance for you, such as after signing for We will not accept any problems such as damages, defects and missing goods.
2. Please be sure to keep your mobile phone and other contact information unblocked when receiving the goods. If the goods are returned due to personal reasons (mobile phone shutdown, no answer, address error, phone error, and unreasonable requirements for express delivery), our shop will not bear any responsibility. If the product or color box is damaged as a result, the shop will charge the corresponding fee as compensation.
3. Failure to turn on may be due to the fact that the battery itself is not charged when the product leaves the factory and needs to be plugged in to turn it on.










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