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high elastic rubber band yellow rubber band cowhide band industrial rubber band durable rubber band leather case 4CM rubber ring

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$1.43 / piece
Color Classification
  • Trial pack-1.5MM thickness-0.1 kg 200 pieces
  • Half a catty 1.5MM thickness-half a catty 1020
  • 1.5MM thickness-2050 per catty-most commonly used
  • 1.4MM thickness-2280 per catty
  • 1MM thickness-4500 per catty
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Item specifics

Color Classification:
Trial Pack-1.5MM Thickness-0.1 Catty 200 Strips Half Catty 1.5MM Thickness-Half Catty 1020 Strips 1.5MM Thickness-2050 Strips Per Catty-Most Common 1.4MM Thickness-2280 Strips Per Catty 1MM Thickness-4500 Strips Per Catty
1 catty in most areas, 1 catty free for 4 catties, no in remote areas Xinjiang and Tibet!
Natural high-quality rubber material, quality assurance, high temperature resistance, not easy to break.
If the quantity is large, talk to customer service in detail, the price can be preferential, the original authentic goods, the preferential price shipping, quality assurance, welcome bulk wholesale.



If there is a quality problem, we will bear the return shipping fee, please rest assured to buy.

The shop has complete models, welcome to consult other specifications.


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